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Spring Cleaning – Organizing the Home

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

I love spring. Spring awakens feelings of freshness, renewal and optimistic opportunity. As late March showers give way to April flowers we shed our thick winter layers and awaken to a sense of new lightness. I begin my spring cleaning with daydreams of smooth polished wood floors, squeaky clean tub tiles, and breezy light scents of lemon and white vinegar. Then I come back down to earth and accept that my two young kids will be following me leaving soft meandering clumps of dirty crumbs and dingy clutter upon my newly blazed trails of cleanliness. It is kind of like black flies and mosquitoes biting your ankles as you watch your bright yellow daffodils dance softly in the sunny warm breeze.

Even with little mess-up-monsters in my house, I do a thorough spring cleaning. My designed Spring Cleaning Checklist is detailed and full of cleaning tips. You don’t have to clean your whole home in one day, or even one week. Work through your home room by room to make the entire project more manageable. When I have questions about how to clean, I always reference Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook and my owner manual. If you have complex questions, contact a cleaning professional. I hope my Spring Cleaning Checklist tool will help you on your way to a fresh spring start.