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Save $$ Grocery Shopping – Keeping Track of Triple Coupons

Coupon File
Have you wondered how others find products that are FREE or 95% off? Have you ever been confused while standing in the isle with your coupons trying to calculate in your head if that 45¢ off 4 cans of beans will compute to a 75% off discount? I created the tool that will help you find the best deals on your next triple coupons shopping trip!

With my Triples Doubles Shopping List you can name the discount you desire and know instantly if your coupon will give you that great bargain discount.

Simple Steps to Prepare:

1. List the coupons you would like to use (Ex: $1/2 Granola Bars, this sale will double the Q value)

2. Name your desired discount (Ex: I will buy the product if it is 85% off)

3. Sort your shopping list by grocery department

4. Print your Triples Doubles Shopping List, grab your coupons and go shopping!

5. Compare the store shelf price with your Triples Doubles Shopping List price to see if your coupon will give you your desired discount (Ex: for my Granola Bar MFQ to give me a 85% discount, the shelf price must be $1.76 per box. If the shelf price is LESS than or equal to $1.76 per box, BUY IT, it is 85%+ off!! If the shelf price is MORE than $1.76 per box the coupon discount will be less than 85% off, so don’t buy the product.)

I found many items at a 75%+ discount on my triple coupons shopping trips by using this List method and my trips more efficient because I simply compare the price on my list and the store shelf price to know instantly if the discount is a good deal.

I hope this tool will help you with your next trip!! If you would like to share my Triples Doubles Shopping List, please do, just remember to link back to my blog!! If you have questions or suggestions leave me a comment! Happy bargain hunting to you!

Download the worksheet to use its calculation functions.

You must enable macros in order to use this worksheet. (In Microsoft Excel click on the Tools menu and select Macros, then select Security. Switch your settings to Medium and click Ok. Then open the file, and select Enable Macros. (Warning: allowing unknown Macros to run on your computer can put your computer at a higher risk for getting viruses.)

See the instructions on the List sheet to use the List functions properly.