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Web Log-ins and Passwords – Keeping Track


Web Log-in and Password Planner Sheet

As a wife, a mom, and the Chief Operating Office of our household, I feel like I am on information-overload most of the time. It seems like life speeds by and there is never enough time to accomplish everything on my priority list. My brain is always playing the zero-sum game: when I put in something new, something else needs to fall out to make room. So I am always devising new tactics to keep track of all the important information in my life; and to be okay with letting some things go. 

I use a log in my Planning Binder to keep track of my web log-ins and passwords.  I use more than 75 log-ins for personal and professional purposes.  I am sure you have just as many if not more. To keep track, I write everything down in one place and refer to that one place each time I am on-line.   My designed Web Log-in and Password Planner Sheet will help you keep all your information in one place. Print it out, 3-hole-punch it, and put it in your planner binder.  Refer to it and add to it regularly. Or, save it electronically and revise it accordintly so you never forget your important information.

Remember to keep this printed log in a very safe place; especially if you have noted log-ins pertaining to financial or personal information. Or save your log electronically with password-protection–just be sure to remember this password!

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Easter Planner Checklist – Event Planning


Easter Holiday Planner Checklist

Easter is rapidly approaching! Like me, you probably have family to remember, baskets to make, and a holiday meal to prepare. Planning holiday events is stressful so I keep my sanity by staying organized. I use detailed holiday checklists to help me remember all the details.

I hope you find my printable designed Easter Holiday Planner Checklist helpful while you are planning your perfect holiday event. (Remember perfection is a journey and remembering imperfection is sweet!)

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Happy Easter planning!