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Hair Fairy Hit Hard – Can You Organize Kids?


We tried to get out of the house early today; kids didn’t wake up, they complained a lot, and we found someone got a visit from the hair fairy. Daddy worked hard on Sydney’s hair this morning to get it to “stand-down.” How do you deal with your child’s head when the hair-fairy hits hard?

These pics are evidence of prior visits from our hair-fairy friend.


Web Log-ins and Passwords – Keeping Track


Web Log-in and Password Planner Sheet

As a wife, a mom, and the Chief Operating Office of our household, I feel like I am on information-overload most of the time. It seems like life speeds by and there is never enough time to accomplish everything on my priority list. My brain is always playing the zero-sum game: when I put in something new, something else needs to fall out to make room. So I am always devising new tactics to keep track of all the important information in my life; and to be okay with letting some things go. 

I use a log in my Planning Binder to keep track of my web log-ins and passwords.  I use more than 75 log-ins for personal and professional purposes.  I am sure you have just as many if not more. To keep track, I write everything down in one place and refer to that one place each time I am on-line.   My designed Web Log-in and Password Planner Sheet will help you keep all your information in one place. Print it out, 3-hole-punch it, and put it in your planner binder.  Refer to it and add to it regularly. Or, save it electronically and revise it accordintly so you never forget your important information.

Remember to keep this printed log in a very safe place; especially if you have noted log-ins pertaining to financial or personal information. Or save your log electronically with password-protection–just be sure to remember this password!

Comments and suggestions are always welcome! Let me know what planner pages you would like to see here!

Spring Cleaning – Organizing the Home

Crocuses Spring

Spring Cleaning Checklist

I love spring. Spring awakens feelings of freshness, renewal and optimistic opportunity. As late March showers give way to April flowers we shed our thick winter layers and awaken to a sense of new lightness. I begin my spring cleaning with daydreams of smooth polished wood floors, squeaky clean tub tiles, and breezy light scents of lemon and white vinegar. Then I come back down to earth and accept that my two young kids will be following me leaving soft meandering clumps of dirty crumbs and dingy clutter upon my newly blazed trails of cleanliness. It is kind of like black flies and mosquitoes biting your ankles as you watch your bright yellow daffodils dance softly in the sunny warm breeze.

Even with little mess-up-monsters in my house, I do a thorough spring cleaning. My designed Spring Cleaning Checklist is detailed and full of cleaning tips. You don’t have to clean your whole home in one day, or even one week. Work through your home room by room to make the entire project more manageable. When I have questions about how to clean, I always reference Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook and my owner manual. If you have complex questions, contact a cleaning professional. I hope my Spring Cleaning Checklist tool will help you on your way to a fresh spring start.

Easter Planner Checklist – Event Planning


Easter Holiday Planner Checklist

Easter is rapidly approaching! Like me, you probably have family to remember, baskets to make, and a holiday meal to prepare. Planning holiday events is stressful so I keep my sanity by staying organized. I use detailed holiday checklists to help me remember all the details.

I hope you find my printable designed Easter Holiday Planner Checklist helpful while you are planning your perfect holiday event. (Remember perfection is a journey and remembering imperfection is sweet!)

Please give me feedback! I’d like to hear what you would add to these planner pages and what other planning tools you would like to see in the future!

Happy Easter planning!

Healthcare Planner Pages – Keeping Track


Healthcare Planner Pages

I learned early on to keep track of everything medical-related. Doctors’ offices don’t always keep accurate co-payment records, medical reimbursement plans require orgininal documentation, and insurance companies regularly make claim mistakes. With two small children, we have been to NICU, the cardiologist, the nephrologist, the urologist, the physical therapist, the dentist, the ER, a bunch of radiologists, and of course the pediatrician. (My children are very healthy, but just seem to have a lot of “issues.”) I keep track of ALL my family’s medical information in my take-with-me-everywhere planning binder. I actually created my own planning pages to accurately and efficently capture all my healthcare information.

I created for you a designed set of Healthcare Planner Pages that you can download and print for Free. Use them to keep all your healthcare information in one place. (Don’t forget to add blank notes pages to keep track of phone conversations! It took me 5 months of conversations to finally schedule my son’s surgery.)

Keep in mind that you also might want to give a copy of your family’s medical history to a third party you trust, like grandparents, or a caretaker who cares for your children so that in the event of an emergency someone else would be able to give a medical professional your child’s complete and accurate medical history.

I hope these pages are useful to you. Please feel free to give me your feedback about what you would add to these planner pages or other planning pages you would like to see here in the future!  Happy organizing to you!