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Baby Feeding Log – Time Management


Baby Feeding Log

I thought the birth of my first child would be a moment of serene unsurpassed accomplishment. I felt prepared for childbirth. I had read numerous books about natural birthing, took private Lamaze classes with my husband, and had prepared myself mentally for labor and delivery. However, I had not prepared myself for everything after my beautiful son entered into the world. I vaguely knew how to diaper and burp him, but I had no idea how to breastfeed my new perfect baby.

Tyler and I had a very difficult first 8 weeks choreographing our feeding relationship. I remember crying in pain and frustration at 2 AM wondering if we’d ever, “get it. In my postpartum haze I reached out for the help of a wonderful professional lactation consultant. She gave me a regimented feeding schedule and tons of moral support and we began our journey to success. Tyler started gaining weight and by 4 month old he weighed 18 1/2lbs. (He was born at just 7 ½ pounds.) It is the most awesome thing to know I helped him grow.

I was more prepared for the birth of my daughter. Although Sydney faced a number of medical challenges common among premature babies, we happily nursed for more than 5 months. I used a breastfeeding log to track our progress and this information helped my professional lactation consultant design a feeding regimen that was exactly right for us.

I hope my designed Breastfeeding Log will help you prepare to embark upon this exciting journey with your new baby. Print out the Log and put it in your “going to the hospital” suitcase with a pen. Track your progress and then share your Log with your lactation consultant so they can best encourage your success. (My Breastfeeding Log will not teach you how to breastfeed, but instead will help you note your progress.)

If you choose to breastfeed be optimistic and remember each small amount helps your baby grow. If you choose not to breastfeed, I say “good for you.” With so much opinionated pro-breastfeeding persuasion, it is wonderful that you chose to make that decision for yourself. Your baby needs your love most. Please feel free to pass along this Log to a mom who is planning to begin this gratifying bonding journey with her baby.